Do not write code, solve problems.

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Hello! I’m Ken, and I love writing code😄. Hang around and you’ll see why you should not just write code!

At the very beginning of my “tech journey” I fell in love with web development. The usual; HTML>CSS>>JavaScript… I mainly just loved making web applications that people could use and smile 😊, You know what I mean. I read books on it, took courses online, and for a moment, it felt good. But then, In my 2nd year at the university, I met Python and everything changed.

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Permit me to digress a bit🥺. You know that person that comes into your life and makes you think deeply of “life’s true essence”? That was Python for me. I saw a language that had endless problem-solving capabilities. How? Through Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. For me, I fell flat on my face in love with ML. Maybe because its ability tallied so much with my futuristic perception of how problems will eventually be solved. Well, I reset my route and started learning Python for Data science with high hopes of becoming an outstanding ML Engineer.

Here’s where it gets very interesting. I wasted 2 years learning Python. Why? Because I hadn’t really built ANYTHING tangible.

You see, the thing about coding, from my very little experience, is that building even the most basic project while you learn, gives you incredible confidence to climb the next step of the ladder!

This year, I made a resolution (not the new year, new me🙄) to build ANYTHING at every learning stage I get to. So, I challenged myself with the Almighty #100DaysofCode Challenge. I ‘forced’ myself to do it, and I’ll forever be grateful that I did. In 100days, I had built over 20 Data Science / Web Dev mini projects with help from various sources online🤯.

I’ll let that sink in.

You there, start from somewhere. Tick-tack-toe, guessing game, whatever it is. Just build something and try improving on it.

Solutions are universal, the programming language involved is irrelevant in the grand scope of things.

I really hope this helps someone optimize and restrategize their approach to learning how to use any technology in general. Thank you for reading!

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